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Below you can find only a few of of the fantastic clients Team Totem have had the privilege to work with. At Totem, we pride ourselves on really listening to our clients training needs, recommending the use of technology only where it will enhance training,  and ensuring that both the end product and service throughout are of an excellent standard. We work with you, for you. 


Typically our engagement process will be as follows:

  1. You get in touch with a member of our team  with a specific training need for which you want a serious game solution. 
  2. A member of our team sets up an appointment between you and Totem's Head of Design and Production, Helen Routledge to discuss some initial thoughts.
  3. A meeting will follow in which we will demonstrate some examples of relevant existing solutions and meet other client-side stakeholders.
  4. If you decide to proceed further, a kick-off meeting is held in which the project team, with members from both your side and our side, delve deeper into the training needs and your company's ecosystem, and brainstorm some ideas for your serious game solution.
  5. Totem Learning produce a high level concept for sign off.
  6. We then follow further steps to tighten the design, prior to work beginning on the first prototype of the game.
  7. Our team uses a waterfall and agile mix for game development, which is client centred; we want to allow you as much involvement as you wish and ensure they you are fully informed every step of the way.
  8. The final game is delivered and integrated with your IT infrastructure.
  9. Totem Learning remains available for an agreed period to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your new game!


More information on our capabilities and some examples of bespoke solutions.