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Experts you can trust

With over a decade in the Serious Games industry, Team Totem are industry experts with a vast knowledge on the whole process of developing a serious game. From the early stages to the actual game development, we can help and advise you.

Totem Learning are often engaged to help develop an idea to a tangible point, such as a pitch video or prototype, so that our clients can gain further support or investment to make it happen. We often consult on design ideas and evaluate design concepts. Our in-depth knowledge of gamification techniques, entertainment game mechanics and real world deployments gives Team Totem the edge when it comes to ideation. 

Whether you are a private individual with a brilliant idea, or if you are in learning and development in an organisation, and want to delve into the possibilities of using games to address your training needs, get in touch with us today and togther we can get that idea off the ground!