Unlock: Critical thinking

Course introduction

Unlock: Critical Skills is a 5-part series of mini games (2D scenes with 3D objects and characters), linked by an overarching narrative and theme of running a social enterprise, playable online. Each of the mini games revolves around one core competency and supports one in-classroom lesson.

The game’s narrative centres on a fictional social enterprise that has hired the learner as the Project Manager for a water company called UVWater. The organisation takes off-the-shelf parts to create water purification equipment and then organises, constructs and manages facilities in disaster zones with the cooperation of relief organisations to offer both short and long-term water provision. Over the course of the entire experience the learner will need to familiarise themselves with the business’ operations, model and product, before needing to consider a location in a disaster zone and oversee the facility’s setup and running.

Critical skills training course

Course details:


What does the course cover?

The most critical skills that everybody should have nowadays.


How long does it take to play? 

The exact length will depend upon how good you are but on average it’ll take 2 hours to complete all 5 skills.


How many times can you play it? 

As many times, as you want.


Is it a single or multi-player game?

It is designed as a single-player game.


What level training does it equate to? 

Level 2 


Course breakdown:


Game 1: Willingness to Explore

The player must develop a planned research strategy, with appropriate questions and tools identified. 


Game 2: Taking Initiative

The player must undertake a SWOT analysis to identify opportunities to creatively take initiative.


Game 3: Critical Thinking

The player must use De Bono’s ‘Thinking Hats’ in order to understand, adopt and evaluate different thinking styles and approaches.


Game 4: Ability to Prioritise

The player must use drill down strategies to list component tasks relating to larger projects. By using the ‘Eisenhower Principle’ the player will identify importance and urgency and ascribe priority.


Game 5: Ability to Compromise

 The player must explore assertiveness techniques and aim for Covey’s paradigm of a win:win outcome.



Each level is scored and offers feedback on the learner's progress. In-game characters give feedback and there is opportunity for self-assessment. Accompanying material provides further insight into successful development of each skill.

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