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Unlock: Project Management immerses players in a realistic project scenario to develop the skill to think like Project Managers. Covering project management tasks including dealing with stakeholders, defining the project scope, planning, issue management, risk management, progress management, reporting and balancing conflicting needs Unlock: Project Management provides a realistic project management experience that will build skills quickly.

The game uses a high pressure project scenario. A disaster has decimated the island ‘Cataleyo'. People need help, quickly! The player is tasked with providing quick-to-build, low cost shelter for the effected population. The player must seek out information, understand what is required and meet those needs by organising resources, assessing risks, staying in budget, prioritising tasks and satisfying stakeholders.

Totem has worked alongside Richard Newton, Director of Enixus and world renowned author of many Project Management books. His latest offering 'Project Management Step by Step: How to Plan and Manage a Highly Successful Project' forms the basis of the learning outcomes used to develop Unlock: Project Management as well as the structure of the game, teaching and refreshing learners recognised project management methods and principles.

Licences are £30 (+VAT) per person.

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How University of Liverpool successfully used Unlock: Project Management.

What does the course cover?

The core project management skills needed to undertake a project management role.  

How long does it take to play? 

The exact length will depend upon how good you are but on average it’ll take 2 hours to complete.

How many times can you play it? 

As many times as you want.

Is it a single or multi-player game?

It is designed as a single-player game.

What level training does it equate to? 

Level 2

Course breakdown

Level 1: Define the plan

The player must gather and understand stakeholder needs and requirements, perform risk assessments and complete a project definition.

Level 2: Set up

The player must establish the team, manage deliverables and overcome the problems that they face. Things don't always go to plan. Can they handle the pressure?

Level 3: Perform the plan

Relocation of the village is underway and progress is being reviewed. The player will regularly perform quality assurance and react to an increase in scope while overcoming a variety of realistic issues.

Level 4: Perform the plan

Things never go perfectly to plan. The player must take in all problems and work out the best solution. Will they overcome the problems and still produce quality deliverables?

Level 5: Perform the plan

The situation evolves. The player must revert back to stakeholder research and information to check the project priorities.

Level 6: Project handover & review

The player will review the final progress of the plan. Their success will be assessed and stakeholder satisfaction will be measured.


Each level is scored and offers feedback on the learner's progress. In-game characters give feedback and there is opportunity for self-assessment. Accompanying material provides further insight into successful project management.


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A single-player licence costs £30 (+VAT).

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