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At Totem Learning we consider ourselves very lucky to be working in a company in which we get to create. From concept through to deployment, each of us brings to the table our own unique perspective, passion and experience. All of us are united by the goal of creating engaging, unforgettable learning games and simulations, that wipe the floor with the kind of ineffective e-learning that most of us have endured at some point in our lives.

We're serious about delivering outstanding products and a professional service, but we maintain a childlike curiosity about the world, drawing inspiration from games and entertainment and channelling it into our serious game design. Its not just games that inspire us though, we are fascinated by learning psychology, technology and just-about-anything-ology! And each new game that we design brings a new subject area to explore - so we are continuously learning, in fact our logo evolved from a West African symbol of life long learning, meaning "He who does not know can know from learning".

Like many people in the L&D industry, we're also driven by a desire to help people fulfil their potential and we hope that by creating games that learners want to play repeatedly, our end users will rediscover that natural love of learning. To widen the net, so that less advantaged individuals can benefit from our games, our Social Enterprise arm sponsors the annual UK Mosaic Enterprise Challenge and the Butterfly Project in Uganda.