Branching scenarios with animated avatars to bring content to life

For training on soft skills, compliance, systems or methodologies for example, role plays can work really well. In such games and simulations, the learner takes on a particular role such as an investigator in an equality and diversity dispute, or a project manager in charge of six sigma process improvement for a failing business. Often built in 2D (because the emphasis is on in-game interactions rather than moving around the environment),  the games can include interactive maps to transport the players to different locations, animated avatars to converse with in branching conversations, a gamification layer (scoring, leaderboard etc) and difficulty progression amongst many other possibilities. 

At Totem, we have been trusted to create role play games for many clients. Our 'serious games engine' and collection of environments and characters allows for rapid, cost effective development. So please get in touch with us now to discuss your training requirements and let us inspire you with some examples from our catalogue.

Consider Role Play games for:

  • Compliance such as diversity training
  • Change management
  • Internal communications
  • Induction and Onboarding
  • Any soft-skills training