The Student Package

Through this simulation and supporting package of resources, students will learn and apply knowledge and skills around marketing, sales, production, competition, ethics and finance.  Your students will be able to feel what its really like to set up and run their own business.

About the new Business Game Package

Need more than just the game? We've enhanced The Business Game by offering a package of supporting materials for thorough and rounded self-paced learning. The package includes the game, elearning, lesson plans, teacher and student guides and a glossary app. Find out all about the game and package in the video below.


The Game in Action

For testimonials from students and teachers and to see and the game in action, watch the video below.



PDF About the Package

For a skills map and overview of the package to print out and discuss with colleagues, please click here.


Please contact us to purchase a license to use The Business Game package.

Case Study

Click here to download a case study of The Business Game used by charity Mosaic.

The Business Game Glossary

Click here to download from the Google Play Store.