Working with the latest technology to engage your audience

The team at Totem Learning are constantly innovating with emerging technologies. Two areas that are set for huge growth in the next few years are Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Virtual Reality

Taking 3D games and simulations one step further, Virtual Reality creates a sense of immersion like no other, and with headsets improving constantly this technology is fast becoming impossible to ignore for its potential Learning  and Development benefits.

With solutions that are compatible with mobile phones (e.g. using Google cardboard) the cost doesn’t have to be prohibitive either. Images below are from our demo treasure hunt mini-game available on Google Play for use with 'Cardboard'.

Consider using VR for any learning in which immersion in a particular environment is important. However, be aware that the technology (at time of writing) is still not quite at a stage that allows users to spend long periods of time in the headsets due to motion sickness - and communication can be limited, so it is better suited to single player experiences.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality can be used to great effect for technical and hard skills training. Imagine overlaying a car engine with digital instructions on how to check oil and water, or as per our welding sim, mixing in hardware so that the movements and actions that the learner performs in reality, are augmented in virtual reality on-screen, excellent for muscle memory development and feedback with significant cost-saving benefits.

Consider using AR for hard skills training.