about our products

Aside from consultations and creating bespoke games for our clients, Totem Learning has an entire range of brilliant games all with the purpose of developing an individual's skills.  We are passionate about making learning an enjoyable experience and we believe we can achieve this through creating a set of games that are easy to get hold of and affordable. They are ideal for schools, universities and other learning institutions. We also find that they are popular for businesses who want to develop employees' skills in the workplace. We are able to customise these products too, making them ideal for every organisation! We've seen a growing need (in the UK especially) for people to develop and enhance existing soft skills as these are the skills employers are really looking for alongside grades and work experience. Our aim is also to democratise learning and we believe these games can help open up doors that were previously shut. We want to engage with young people and show them that there is more than one way of learning something that can still be effective. We want to see young people take control of their futures and that starts with understanding leadership, communication, teamwork, dedication, time management and organisation.    

Currently there are six games that are available to purchase online  and these are:

Unlock: Project Management 

The Business Game (free trial) 

Microlaunch Online


Browse through these products to find what you're looking for!  We are happy to answer any questions and give you advice on the right game for you and your organisation so don't hesitate to contact us.