For advanced and MBA students

Visually rich, engaging yet challenging, The Business Game is a business simulator where 
learners play the role of an entrepreneur setting up a business and trade for three (virtual) years.


Learners must make decisions on pricing, quality, marketing, production and more as they strive to make their business successful.
The five stages of the game are as follows:


Introduction to the scenario and learning the interface

Review your market research and select your product quality variables

Decide your marketing strategy

Choose your sales strategy and prepare to trade

Complete three years of trading



Need more than just the game? We've enhanced The Business Game Advanced by offering a package of supporting materials for thorough and rounded self-paced learning.


  • The Business Game Advanced

  • The Business Game (standard version, to build up to the Advanced version)

  • 5 x Units of eLearning

  • Glossary App

  • Game Walkthrough Guide



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The Business Game Advanced Package is the number one serious game for teaching business skills. The advanced version is for third level, MBA students wishing to grow their knowledge and understanding of Business. The Business Game Advanced tests the learners critical thinking soft skills, as well as introducing them to marketing, distribution, sale.