the business game

The Business Game is an online, business simulation game in which learners play the role of an entrepreneur starting up a business. Their decisions in-game over the course of three virtual years of trading directly affect their business' success, measured by financial records. Learners tend to play the game multiple times to improve upon previous results, which leads to a deep understanding of the dynamics of business decision making.

Game Overview:

Learners choose a product to take to market and sell. Working through five ‘stages’, they are exposed to key business concepts such as pricing, marketing and sales. It allows for the experience and practice of these otherwise abstract concepts, and will generate final reports on the learners’ decisions and performance for reflection and discussion.

The five stages of the game are as follows:

  1. Introduction to the scenario and learning the interface

  2. Review your market research and select your product quality variables

  3. Decide your marketing strategy

  4. Choose your sales strategy and prepare to trade

  5. Complete three years of trading


The Student Package

Through this simulation and supporting package of resources, students will learn and apply knowledge and skills around marketing, sales, production, competition, ethics and finance.  Your students will be able to feel what its really like to set up and run their own business.


The New Business Game Advanced Package

We've enhanced The Business Game Advanced by offering a package of supporting materials for thorough and rounded self-paced learning. The package includes:

  • The Business Game Advanced

  • The Business Game (the basic version for those that wish to build up to the harder version)

  • 5 supporting e-learning modules in Marketing, Finance, Managing People, Ethics and Customer Service.

  • Glossary App

  • Game walk through guide

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  • 94.92% of mentors rate their experience as good, very good or excellent.


  • 88.45% of students rate the Business Simulation game as either good, very good or excellent


  • 80.74% of students agree or strongly agree that they feel confident they know the basics for working in business - (multiple choice question)