Designed for the SGI by Anna Bailey prior to joining Totem Learning, the CAVA (Changing Attitudes towards Dating Violence in Adolescence) game has been highly successful in achieving its aim of changing attitudes and behaviours.

The objective of this part European funded project was to help young people beginning dating, to identify and avoid abusive relationships. To appeal to the target group Anna chose a comic book/ graphic novel style and used language familiar to the age group. 

The game is scenario based and required the player to role-play characters in thought-provoking situations including a 'level' on conflict resolution. It also includes drag and drop challenges and guidance on seeking help.

According to Dr Erica Bowen of Coventry University: "The project was successful as the game was tested on over 100 students and was found to significantly change attitudes to dating behaviour. The game also raised awareness of dating violence in students playing the game and in the control group. It is currently being used in schools in UK, Sweden, Belgium and Germany."

For more information please see the CAVA report on the SGI website