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Experience works

The perfect solution for helping learners gain virtual work experience as part of a study program or trainee-ship. There are a set of challenges that the use must overcome including things like job applications, interviews, health and safety and practical application. You can play multiple times to allow for experience in multiple industries and a tutor is able to track your progress.  

Learners enter a rich graphic interface of a business park environment and choose from a range of industries to apply for a work experience placement, including:

  • Hair and Beauty

  • Hospitality

  • Health and Fitness

  • Engineering

The units are broken down into manageable challenges, which can be used in the classroom as part of a structured lesson, or individually as part of a distance-learning course. 

Experience Works is a training game for students preparing for the world of work. Developed by Totem Learning as an alternative to work experience and a solution to times when work experience isn't an option.

Tutors can track the outcomes online to provide feedback and support.

A handy teacher's guide accompanies the game. To register your interest please contact us