Part of the Is IT Green EU Project

Green IT is a serious game to train business professionals in environmentally friendly and cost saving practices. The perfect guide for start up companies!

This serious game teaches business professionals how to conduct an energy audit with in their workplace. A learning tool for all business sizes. 
Green IT enables the simple implementation of environment friendly solutions. All businesses will enjoy the benefits of Green IT!


Learning Outcomes

Using Green IT and the support material offered by the Is IT Green project, Businesses will be able to:


Recognise inefficient and costly practices

Determine the best solutions to issues

Identify energy consuming issues

Spot obsolete and excessive hardware

Easily implement new, greener practices

Green IT Business training for  start up companies, business professionals and entrepreneurs.


Built in respect of business professionals limited time, game play is short and to the point. 

Learners will develop a working knowledge of green IT practices.

Learners will be able to easily incorporate practices best suited to their business.


Available in 8 languages, with more to come! 

Built with HTML5, Green IT is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Mobile deployment is available.

No installation needed.


A new art style to join the Totem Learning's diverse portfolio.

A research project was undertaken in support of the character development - read more here.



A game mechanic suitable for all training purposes.

Compelling narrative captures the learners attention and focus.

Interactive game play, quizzes and feedback offer the opportunity to measure effectiveness.


The best solution for training, no more stale ineffective training courses!

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Corporate training solution for Business Professionals and Start Up companies.