Our Head of Design and Production, Helen Routledge has been busy writing this practical guide to Serious Games.

Helen draws on her background in behavioural sciences, combined with her career spanning over a decade, designing Serious Games on a huge range of subjects, to deliver a book that gives a fresh look at Serious Games. 

The book covers theory and psychology as well as citing actual case studies in a wide range of industries, and providing useful exercises so that the reader can immediately find information which is speaks to their particular area of interest.


Why Games Are Good For Business is published by Palgrave Macmillan and will be available to purchase from November 4th 2016. 

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Official Description:

By tapping into the same psychology that keeps gamers glued to Minecraft or World of Warcraft, innovative organizations are creating learning experiences that are genuinely engaging, endlessly flexible, and extremely cost effective. They're called Serious Games. People learn more, learn better, and learn faster when they are emotionally engaged. Serious games are how you leverage the power of play to create emotional engagement. Why Serious Games Are Good For Business is an innovative and practical toolkit for those who want to learn about more serious games and how to apply them in their organizations. Featuring fascinating examples of how organizations as diverse as L'Oreal, Shell, the NHS, and Cancer Research UK, are using serious games to lead a quiet revolution in learning and development, as well as surprising case studies on how games are making an impact in even the most remote and underprivileged corners of the world.

What people are saying about it:

This book is destined to be a classic. Well written, easy to read, packed with highly useful information –a must for every L&D professional interested in learning about and developing Serious Games. Whether your interest is advocating for Serious Games, finding tools and heuristics for developing Serious Games, getting game design ideas from other developers, or just plain learning about the topic, Why Games Are Good For Business will surely deliver.”

-Anne Derryberry, Designer/producer of game-based and social media-supported learning,


“Why Games Are Good For Business is a compelling journey through the overall landscape of Serious Games, what they are, why they work and who is using them to achieve market advantage. As one of the rare experts who can genuinely claim to have shaped the Serious Games space, Helen generously shares the techniques that games use to take learning to a completely new level.”

-Eliane Alhadeff, Serious Games Market Editor


“A brilliantly accessible guide to the world of Serious Games. This book is comprehensive, interesting, and full of practical advice and experiences. Whether you are a complete beginner to serious games or someone looking to fill in some holes in your knowledge, this book is a great place to start.”

-Richard Newton, award winning author; entrepreneur; consultant