The Student Package

Exciting and engaging business simulation and role-playing game.


Learning Outcomes

Couple The Business Game and the supporting materials, instructors will see their students knowledge excel in these areas:












Students will be able to feel what its really like to set up and run their own business.


What's Included

We've enhanced The Business Game by offering a package of supporting materials for thorough and rounded self-paced learning. The package includes:


The Business Game


Lesson Plans

Teacher and Student Guides

Glossary App




Working through five ‘stages’, learners are exposed to key business concepts such as pricing, marketing and sales. It allows for the experience and practice of key business concepts. Final reports are generated based on the learners decisions. At each stage, learners must justify their choices, allowing further insight into their thought process and their understanding of key business concepts.

Five Stage:

  1. Introduction to the scenario and learning the interface
  2. Review your market research and select your product quality variables
  3. Decide your marketing strategy
  4. Choose your sales strategy and prepare to trade
  5. Complete three years of trading

The Business Game has formed the main feature of Mosaic's Enterprise Challenge for three consecutive years. Our experts have used this event to gain in depth insights into the learning effectiveness of The Business Game. 


Package Details

To learn more about The Business Game Package, learning outcomes, a skills map, etc. We have put together this handy package that can be downloaded and reviewed and discussed with colleagues.


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