Meet Chris Gordon: Creative Producer

A bit about me (the road to Totem)

Currently, I am Creative Producer at Totem Learning. This means I am responsible for the overall design of the games and software solutions created here, as well as the general production and project management aspects of delivered projects.

I’ve largely been working in games and education in various roles since leaving university in 2003, after studying Business for many years. My first job out of university was with a local college where I found that working in a training and education environment can be really rewarding; contributing to the betterment of individual’s skills and abilities. Following this role were others involved in training and development, until in 2006 when I moved into a role with a large well known independent UK games developer, another move that really opened my eyes to another new and exciting field of work.

As well as the creation of console, PC and handheld games, this move also introduced me to the world of Serious Games and Simulations.

After three years in this role, I moved further into the specific discipline of Game Design. Something I’d always been interested in, but something I’d never imagined could be a potential career path having studied Business for so long! Over the coming years, I was fortunate enough to work in Design roles on huge gaming brands including Activision’s ‘Hero’ brand (DJ Hero, Guitar Hero…) and Rovio’s ‘Angry Birds’. During this time, I also did some work in the area of Instructional Design.

In 2014 I managed to combine many my career experiences in a role that combines all the areas of training, education, games design, instructional design, production and project management, by moving to Totem Learning.

My Job at Totem

As mentioned above, my role generally sees me being very much involved in and responsible for games design, instructional design, production, project management and team management.

We work with a huge raft of different clients, so project content is always extremely varied which definitely keeps things interesting!

What inspires me

I am inspired by the process of creating; taking ideas through to completion. Seeing people engaged by products that I’m involved with the creation of is hugely inspiring to me.

My hobbies/ interests

My main hobbies and interests are football (I’m a huge Everton fan, for better or worse) and music. I also love to learn through reading, documentaries etc.

My favourite game of all time

I could spend forever thinking about this one… J