Take a look at our infographic! 

The infographic below illustrates how our new 3D, online, multiplayer game uses learning psychology together with game mechanics to deliver an engaging, immersive, learning experience designed to develop leadership capabilities.

Scroll down to see how the narrative unravels; After a raging storm, you (the player), find yourself shipwrecked, alone on  a mysterious island. Proceed through a series of 'levels' each challenging different skills - as you progress, you'll discover that you are in fact, not alone but must work with others to achieve your common goal.

The final part of the graphic details the design thinking behind the game, Originally designed by our head of design and production, Helen Routledge, author of "Why Games Are Good For Business, How to Leverage the Power of Serious Games, Gamification and Simulations" Published by Palgrave Macmillan.

The game can be compared to a sandbox style game in that it provides the foundation (or bones) of the experience, it is the interaction of the four players, playing simultaneously within the game world that creates unique experiences and learning opportunities with each play.

If you're interested in seeing a little more of the actual in-game graphics and puzzles - check out our video, or get in touch to try the game for yourself!