Is 'it' green?: Research process

Step One - The Research Process

Nicky Rhodes

Nicky Rhodes

Gather a selection of images from a range of artists, depict an assortment of styles in keeping with your art direction. Eventually, you’ll want to start narrowing them down and categorising.

From these inspirations build your moodboard, keep in mind the purpose of your brief. Be sure to add detailed annotations to your moodboard, this will help keep your work focused and streamlined. The ‘Narrowing’ down process will be discussed in greater detail in tomorrow's section so be sure to check back in then.

Case study:   Research outline for Green IT
My brief:        Create 6 characters both male and female in a ‘cartoony’ style.

Remember: your final result will depend on the research you focused on in the beginning. Important direction decisions are made in these early stages.

Moodboard of Green IT inspiration