Is 'IT' Green?: Optimization for platforms

Now I have the characters completed, the final stage is to optimise the characters to work in game.

I worked at 300 dpi so we can print these characters large and to a high quality, this is useful for the marketing department. As we have huge files it’s easy to alter the image to a lower resolution. BUT keep loads of backups and don't overwrite your original Photoshop file!  You can always make a folder called original files. It doesn’t hurt to have a copied back up, in fact it's advised.

We need lower res files to work in OpenGL. Don't let techy words scare you; it basically means your job is to get your images to fit that program and OpenGL won’t run huge files. The smaller the resolution the quicker the game will run in the scene.

Keeping the resolution down

Go to the task bar, select image and in the settings image resolution needs to be lowered to 72 DPI and 8 Bits. Click on the index in the toolbar as shown below in the diagrams.

Taking the resolution down from 300Dpi to 72Dpi the Bit rate down from 16Bits to 8 Bits lets you select the indexed colour. It takes away the softness from the images but the characters will look small on the screen anyway so people won’t notice as much.

 We saved over 10mb of data going through this process, and now the game loads lightning fast!

The visual way in Photoshop to keep the resolution down

Balancing of characters with back grounds

Based on research and watching lots of Michael Bay films Orange tones for daylight and Blue tones for night time work well. This is achieved with an ALT link layer solid colour layer with a layer modifier on it. Play around with the opacity, sometimes that in itself is very effective.

Final Images for the Is IT Green game with characters in day time and night time scenes.

Thanks for reading and keep drawing people!

Nicky Rhodes over and out…………for now………….

My next series is on environments so watch this space!

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