Soft Skills and the Work Place 

Last week I came across this tweet by @MichealRosinYes and it really hit me. It seemed to resonate with a lot of others as well with nearly 5000 retweets and over 8000 likes.


Qualifications and grades will always be important and help us understand how our young people are progressing through education, but what is lacking is a balance with the soft skills and more challenging to measure behaviours such as teamwork and good communication. While doing some desk research for another project I came across The Princes Trust Results for Life Report 2017 and the statistics it reported were staggering. 

  • 43% of young people don’t feel prepared to enter the workforce, with many worried that they lack confidence and soft skills

  • 72% of employees don’t think they had all the soft skills they needed to do well when they first entered the workplace

  • 91% of teachers think schools should be doing more to help students develop soft skills

In April this year Totem Learning will be launching our new product Unlock: Employability,  a serious game for the education sector (aka game-based learning). It enables soft skills development for students through immersive, challenging gameplay and teamwork. Set on a mysterious tropical island, learners must work together to solve puzzles and be selected for their dream job. 

Unlock: Employability delivers many benefits but the 3 key areas are;

1. To train student’s communication skills, a vital soft skill for the workplace. Players will quickly learn that to succeed, they must give clear and concise direction to their teammates.

2. It levels the playing field, those that ‘shout the loudest’ will not have the advantage.

3. All communication can be captured and assessed. Teachers can use this information to guide students on any area they struggle with.

We'll be launching the product in April after a pilot is completed with schools in Warckshire