Project Managers: Can I be one?

Project Managers are in high demand now more than ever. Project Management is no easy task either. It require an individual to work under high pressure and against a clock. However, every organisation needs one because of exactly that issue - things need to get done, and get done well. Project Managers need to be able to negotiate a schedule for work and make sure everyone is working to it. This can be quite the task, especially if you’re handling projects that require an international scope or network.

Almost every industry needs them too so it’s important to know exactly what is expected when deciding to take on such a role. You can’t just be good at one thing - multitasking is essential. However, with such a role comes the opportunity to advance quickly. So what skills do you need for such a role? Well here are a few of the main ones:

  • Planning and organisation

  • Dealing with failure and creating a solution

  • Communicating ideas and schedules to a team

  • Maximising resources and cutting back on costs

  • Handling pressure and unexpected issues

These skills often take time to develop and experience is a must. However, at Totem Learning, our games test your competence throughout a series of levels. They are designed to be engaging, better for information retention than other methods and can be adapted for companies with branding and so on! Rather than learning in a conventional way or through another dull E-Learning solution, we have something that is far more enjoyable whilst still developing the employee’s soft skills at the end. One case study showed that 89.6% either agree or strongly agree that organisations have benefited from employees taking courses in Project Management.  

Our game, ‘Unlock: Project Management’, also allows an opportunity to see your progress and even provides an assessment at the end. It’s ideal for anyone wanting to develop such skills. The University of Liverpool tried it out on a group of students and saw an overall increase in grades. It is certainly something employers should be investing in for a greater return and employees that are trained and aware of the requirements for such a position.