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Unlock: Employability

Adapted from Unlock: Leadership, this game caters for a younger audience. Designed to enable soft skills development within the education sector, the game is set on a mythical island, learners must work together and solve problems to be selected for their dream job whilst practicing employability skills. Assessment feedback is provided so that teachers, careers advisors and the students themselves can see progress.


The game is a 3D, online game, designed to allow learners to practice their employability skills. Through game play, learners will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses in key employability areas such as communication, teamwork, problem solving and drive and determination!

Unlock: Employability is played in teams of four – each player at their own PC. Communication is exclusively in-game via instant messaging. This serves three purposes:

1. To train student’s communication skills, a vital soft skill for the workplace. Players will quickly learn that to succeed, they must give clear and concise direction to their team mates.

2. It levels the playing field, those that ‘shout the loudest’ will not have the advantage.

3. So all communication can be captured and assessed. Teachers can use this information to guide students on any area they struggle with.

Screens at the end of each level also provide the player with feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. The feedback screens highlight how these traits are applicable in the workplace and further ways to develop them.

Learning outcomes by level

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