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Unlock: Leadership

Designed to cover the core leadership skills needed at Level 2 training, work together in teams of four via instant messaging to solve six levels of puzzles. Achieve your goals through communication, teamwork, strategy and negotiation with key performance feedback provided at the end.

Course breakdown:


Level 1: Weight of the world

Players must use self-management skills, focus on the task and employ resolve, despite inner conflict. Players rely on their own analytical and problem-solving skills.

Level 2: Into the darkness

Players have to work together. But will they trust each other? This level tests players’ coaching skills, team cooperation, communication and feedback.

Level 3: Watch where you step

High quality constant feedback is essential for this exercise in collaboration skills. Forward planning and critical thinking are required to complete this level.

Level 4: From the other side

Players must manage frustration as things are not what they seem. They must change their perspective and listen to other players. Best results come from formulating a clear strategy.

Level 5: More than meets the eye

Negotiation and persuasion are the key to success in this level, where all four players are together.

Level 6: The final challenge

This level is about logical problem-solving and working together effectively despite each player having autonomy. It’s about influencing the group to follow a solution.



Key performance data is recorded from your team mates and through self reflection, highlighting levels of competency and allowing users to focus on key areas of improvement.


What does the course cover?

The core leadership and people management skills needed to undertake a leadership role.  

How long does it take to play? 

The exact length will depend upon how good you are but on average it’ll take 2-3 hours to complete.

How many times can you play it? 

As many times as you want.

Is it a single or multi-player game?

It is designed as a multi-player game for teams of 4 players.

What level training does it equate to? 

Level 2


Ways to buy the course:

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Licences start from £320 (+VAT) for 4 players. 4 licenses are included in each package.

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