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Developed by Totem Learning for Realityworks

The first of its kind. An education tool focused on students refining their hard skills, in this case, welding. It combines the use of bespoke motion-detection hardware and welding-simulation software to develop muscle memory, angle accuracy and confidence.  It’s proven to be safe and cost effective as it can be taught in a risk-free environment. At the end of each assignment learners are shown statistics on their weld performance, which allows them to assess what they have done well and where they can improve.

Also available from RealityWorks are the guideWELD® LIVE real welding guidance system, the only in-helmet display on the market that provides instant feedback on core welding techniques during live arc welding in a welding lab; the RealCareer™ Weld Defects Kit, a hands-on instructional aid to teach weld defects and discontinuities; and the RealCareer™ Bend Tester, a hands-on welding education tool to teach users one of the tests required to qualify welders.

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GuideWELD VR enables lecturers to design custom assignments. This feature allows for over 10 million different instances of user-generated content. Perfect specific welding skills or train for even the most unlikely of welding scenarios, there isn’t any welding situation GuideWELD VR can’t train for!

GUIDEWELD VR making a career in welding accessible to all!


uideweld, developed by Totem Learning to train students in welding. Guideweld teaches SMAW and GMAW welding in the classroom with no risk to students safety.

Benefits of using GuideWeld in your classroom include:


  • Safe

  • Cost Effective

  • Train Groups

  • Train Individually

  • Train in Mig Welding (GMAW)

  • Train in Stick Welding (SMAW)

GuideWELD VR is the first of it's kind

This welding simulator teaches hard skills using a combination of virtual reality software (PC and Mac compatible) and hardware.  The constant in-game feedback guides learners to develop a better, more accurate technique. GuideWeld VR can be easily translated into any language making it a useful learning tool worldwide. You can play the game multiple times to keep practising and refining skills. 


GuideWeld VR leading the way for hard skills training.

We're looking for the next great mixed reality product, so if you're in the business of hard skills training and think a mixed reality solution would work - please get in touch and let's work together!

GuideWeld teaches hard skills in classroom. It is a safer and cheaper alternative to practicing welding.