Whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur or someone within a larger organisation, the SMARTUP Business Game allows learners to run a business from day 1 over a period of time and put into practice their understanding of how business variables work together during different periods of business growth. There are literally millions of scenario combinations so players are encouraged to replay and try different strategies to maximise their profitability.

Set up your business, create a social following, sell product and grow over 2 years


The Business Game developed by Totem Learning is a fundamental component of our International Master in Entrepreneurship (SMARTUP), established by a consortium of European universities and enterprises as part of an EU-funded Erasmus+ project. By allowing student to experiment with business decisions – and their implications – in their effort to establish a viable entrepreneurial venture, the Game is a critical learning instrument. Intuitive and easy to play, it provides exceptional added value to our Master programme.
— Dr Elisabetta Marafioti, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

Licences are £30 (+VAT) per person.

Want more licenses for your organisation? Just let us know!