Where has the time gone? 

It feels like only yesterday when we all got together to start Totem Learning.  It’s always hard starting a new company and in the current economic climate it certainly wasn’t the easiest start. But here we are a year on and we’re celebrating our first birthday.

The successes we have experienced over the past year have been testament to the fact that we kept the belief in what we do, front and centre to our company goals; to create high quality serious games and be good value for our customers. We couldn’t do what we do without our customers and I’d like to start out by thanking them all from everyone at Team Totem.

Despite our successes it’s not all been smooth sailing. We had to say goodbye to several valued team members who moved on to new shores, but talented, ambitious and creative people took their places. A new team means new ideas, new skills and new ways of doing things, but rest assured, the team may have changed but our values certainly haven’t.

We’ve started to adopt Agile in a big way. We’ve created our own blend between waterfall and agile that really works for us and our clients. We especially love the added communication it builds between the team and the client and the fact that we can be reactive and flexible in the way we develop.

Despite being a newbie on the block Totem Learning certainly hasn’t been a wall flower. We were invited to speak at several conferences around the world including the DE Montfort games festival, FLUX and the Singapore Serious Games Association. We love to talk about serious games and have loved getting out there to talk about Totem.

Of course, day to day work at Totem is pretty fun, but a few things have really stood out for me. Anna and I got to play Chemist for the day at Warwick University as part of a requirements gathering session. Melting hair gel, creating rockets and hammering a nail with a banana was all done in the name of requirements. We also took delivery of the very exciting Oculus Rift which we hope to develop for over the coming year. Seeing some of our games in the Oculus Rift has to be one of my highlights and I for one am very excited about where this technology can take us.

And finally our very own Vicky Rose got married in a beautiful ceremony in her home town. And in typical Vicky style the party included Michael Jackson – live in a village hall, a cake made of cheese and of course the starring role of Rolf her beloved black lab.