How Totem are helping entrepreneurship in Uganda


After the success of the business game in the UK, the US, Qatar, Jordan and Singapore to name just a few countries, we know this game makes a difference to young people’s knowledge of business. Learning through play is such an important part of any childhood and serious games enable us to extend that mind-set through adolescence and into adulthood. However serious games are often seen as a tool for those in developed nations. Cost and lack of infrastructure often mean these solutions are well beyond the reach of millions of the world’s children.

At Totem Learning we don’t feel this is right and so we are proud to announce an exciting collaboration with The Butterfly Project in Uganda where we have donated The Business Game so young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn through play.

The Butterfly Project is a unique project in Uganda, which trains up young people from the most remote rural villages and disadvantaged urban slum districts to become social entrepreneurs. The project was instigated by Social Enterprise Africa CIC but is run through Chrysalis Limited in Uganda.

The game will be installed in the learning centres so budding entrepreneurs can try out and hone their business skills.