Meet Nicky Rhodes: Games Artist

I started at Totem learning with a bit of experience up my sleeve, working on PlayStation Home items and creating a game for a competition called Dare to be Digital.

I am a fully-fledged 3D Artist at Totem Learning and enjoy assets and environment creation. Since I have been here at Totem Learning my position has been varied from creating Environments, Characters, and Assets to User Interface and occasionally drawing from my animation skills.  

I have worked on many dead interesting projects such as the Anatomy Simulation project and researching this topic is not for the faint hearted - believe me! I have also worked on Enclosed Spaces serious game, I’m not claustrophobic but it really makes you aware of how vulnerable you are without the right PPE (personal protection equipment). 

Working for Totem Learning is pretty good fun and every day is different, it never gets boring and there is the added bonus of cake eating and games testing. I have also been granted the name of Noodles since working here and it seems to have stuck.

I see myself as a Crazy Ginger creative monkey. I like helping people out and the outlook I have is to always see the fun, positive side of things.

My inspiration comes from looking at loads of fun stuff and mixing it up a little. I get a buzz out of watching epic films and fun old school cartoons and Disney films. My favourite game of all time has to be Zool. It was fun and was surrounded by sweets and icing, gives me a good feeling when I remember playing it. That’s what games are all about kids!

I enjoy the great outdoors and believe that Artists should never just stay cooped up in a room drawing but to draw on the fly and soak up the colour.

Hobbies: Mountain biking, sailing, exploring and drawing.

Totem Learning has had a huge impact on my attitude towards serious games. We can make learning interesting and immersive and to do this I reckon, creating believable game art is the key to the believability of a serious game but then I am slightly biased.

The thing I value the most above anything else is progress. Without progress, things stop, you stop learning and you become stale. Notice how progress and practise sound similar. It’s pretty much the same. You have to practise what your good at to progress. (I’m going to try and get a moral in every blog I do).