Game-based Learning and the Ugandan Charity

Totem learning has been supporting Ugandan charity The Butterfly Project through the donation of its Business Game, so that young entrepreneurs can learn through play.

The Butterfly Project is a unique project in Uganda, which trains up young people from the most remote rural villages and disadvantaged urban slum districts to become social entrepreneurs. 

The game has been installed in the learning centres so budding entrepreneurs can try out and hone their business skills.

We’ve had a recent update from the charity on how the game has been received and we thought we’d share it with you!

Here are some photos of members using the game as part of The Butterfly Project’s entrepreneurship training session.

Feedback was that the kids did extremely well, with “one group having three profitable production lines, the second had two, though somewhat less profitable.  The third group took three attempts to make a profit, but eventually did so.” Ben Parkinson, The Butterfly Project

Apparently the kids have even followed up much of the week to have another try – which illustrates the beauty of games in a nutshell!