Is 'IT' green?: Character creation

One way to judge if your silhouettes have any major faults is by X flipping your character artwork. Using silhouettes this way will bring you a step closer to perfection.

In silhouette form it’s easier to spot the weakest and strongest character. It helps to judge if any extra tweaks need to be added. The weakest character seems to be the Data Technician. Her silhouette is less defined. Ideally, we want to see more of her glasses and her headset but her hair and lab jacket make up for it. I could have done more to that character but she does work in colour. The strongest seems to be the Janitor. Everything about him stands out; his hat, mop, shorts, even his moustache!

final images alongside the style guide

Here’s where the influences for my character designs came from. They are easy to see with the final designs alongside the Style guide.

I’ve taken snippets from Ido Yehimoitz, exaggeration techniques with a hint of Scooby Doo. I have kept Pascals light source and ambience influence and used it for the environments, bearing in mind the characters will be affected as they will be in the environment. You can see the end result on the last blog post of this series.