Why it's essential to have project management skills training

A few years ago both employers and employees used to be satisfied when they could work in a team which had a specific skillset; time management and team spirit sometimes would be enough. Now everyone is talking about Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and how you must be able to manage all the different aspects of a company so that you can drive it to be competitive and successful. If you want to attract calibre candidates and keep your current employees professionally satisfied then you must invest in personnel training. One of the best areas to focus on is project management since it allows to develop skills that are hard to gain and even harder to pass on.


According to the National College for Teaching and Leadership two of the most effective CPD activities are e-learning and skills-based training. Totem Learning’s Unlock: Project Management is a successful blend of both. Through Unlock: Project Management, players learn how to identify requirements, establish clear and achievable objectives, balance the competing demands from the different stakeholders and ensure that a commonality of purpose is achieved.


Any type of organisation can only benefit from people who can incorporate in their day to day professional life the skills and qualities a successful project manager would have. From organisational and time management skills to risk management Unlock: Project Management can help professionals how to think and act like an effective project manager.


So why do your employees need Project Management skills and what will your company gain from it?


Employees with Project Management skills:

  • become more efficient by creating and sticking to a specific schedule and timeline.
  • are more confident because they know how to effectively identify risks and manage projects.
  • are more organised because they are taught how to manage themselves and a whole team.
  • improve their communication and negotiation skills by managing all third parties and their expectations.
  • have problem-solving skills which allow them to deal with more complex issues.
  • know how to work within budget constraints and how important is using resources intelligently.
  • open to new ideas and feedback. Trial and error is one of the most effective ways to help you learn soft skills but also helps you learn from your mistakes.

If you want your team to become more efficient, confident and a more valuable asset to your business you need to equip its members with project management skills and here at Totem we know that the best way to teach someone all of the above is by Unlocking their inner Project Manager. 

Find out for yourself today.