Why Games are good for business: The debut app

The newly launched Debut app has already started taking over the corporate and graduate world. The big idea behind it, is taking the bureaucracy out of job applications. Every user creates their personal profile which includes their studies, skills, experience etc. At the same time, a HR manager in Barclays, L’Oréal, Ernst and Young, Rolls Royce, Royal Mail or PwC can just send a direct message to the candidate that caught their eye and matched their needs. The app basically reverses the flow by having employers approach potential employees.


The one thing that in our mind makes Debut better than other professional social networks such as LinkedIn is that the candidates get to play games that are integrated in the app and are bespoke for every employer. These games are essential for this recruitment process; students play the game with a chance to win an assessment day, an interview or even an internship. Charlie Taylor, founder of Debut, said that this is the world's first non-gaming app to integrate gaming for recruitment.


Here at Totem we have always believed in the great potential of serious gaming in the recruitment process. However, we do love it when there are more and more converts. Graduates who are seeking their next position, are basically looking for organisations which find ways to engage, entertain, and entice them to learn more about the organisation and the jobs available. So which game will you create to attract the top talent in your company?