Video Games: A Help or a Hindrance?

Recently I came across an article on this very topic and it struck me that since Totem Learning Ltd is all about using VR and AR to create video games and apps using game mechanics it would be interesting to see what the article had to say and try to relate it back to what we do.

The article goes on to suggest (with quotes from former President Obama and President Trump) that videogames are part of the issue surrounding violence especially with young people. However, research into that is still ongoing and it is not certain as to how much video games are to blame as there are several other factors that contribute to such violent acts taking place. The article then shifts to talking about the positive effects of video games which is important to note. Totem Learning has an article all about this (read more) but our own case studies such as the one with the University of Liverpool has indicated that playing serious games has actually improved grades, information retention and overall engagement.

One interesting thing the article did highlight was the demographic of video game players. Studies found that there was a higher proportion (31%) of women that were “gamers” compared to boys under 18 years old (18%). These figures definitely remove the stereotype of only young men playing video games. However, the overall proportion of female and male “gamers” regardless of age still demonstrates that more men play them. Whilst people have tried to connect the idea of video games and an individual displaying aggressive behaviour there is in fact no conclusive evidence that there is a link at all. Studies are actually showing that violence amongst the younger generation has declined as a result of video games becoming more popular.

Action games such as ‘first person shooter’ games aren’t always harmful either. Studies have shown that these gamers that play such games have improved visual processing skills as a result. Totem Learning’s serious games are designed to improve one’s soft skills but also to improve things like hand-eye coordination, problem solving, creativity, strategy and so on. We combine psychology with game mechanics and elements of Learning and Development to create games that are memorable, beneficial and that generate ROI and we offer consultations if a client or organisation is in need of a bespoke game tailored exactly to fit their criteria.

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