Consultation at Totem Learning

Why is consultation helpful for businesses and clients?

Consultation is an extremely useful way to develop an idea and start of what can often be a long process. ‘WorkSafetyHub’ states that consultation in general can create a better working environment for everyone involved in a project. One of “cooperative rather than adversarial” spirit and “based on exchanging views and considering views rather than argument”.

Nobody likes to work in a hostile environment, especially between two companies, so consultation can be a great way to start the working relationship as you mean to go on. Innovation is essential and we are keen to push innovation any way we can. The UK needs creative thinkers, business minds and tech experts - and we are proud to say we have all three at Totem Learning.

What to we do at Totem Learning?

We are keen to make sure all opinions are heard around the table and that as many relevant people to the project are present. Due to our vast experience with VR, AR and the development of Serious Games, we believe our consultations offer something more. We believe in creating a wonderful relationship with all clients that will ultimately end up in them wanting to come back with another idea or refer us to another company.

We bring in a range of people from business minds to creative artists to programmers to explain to clients what it will take to create such a game. We are committed to developing any idea - no matter how crazy - and you’d be surprised with some of the stuff we’ve managed to come up with in the consultations. The service, therefore, is certainly part of our USP and we are keen to challenge your ideas constantly with having something twice as good (if not more) at the end.

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