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Do Serious games really work? 

So do they?

Yes they do and we have metrics to demonstrate ‘Return On Engagement’!

Earlier this year Totem Learning designed and developed a game to educate business owners on greener IT practices. The game develops players’ understanding of IT issues within their company and supports them to implement better, greener practices.

A few months on, we can report that ‘Green IT’ has been a great success! The report has shown that learners finished the game with a full understanding of green IT practices. Not only was the level of learning very high, the game was so effective that it provoked a proactive attitude and action in many of the learners!


Here is just a cross section of facts and figures from the report:

  • 92% of learners sought out more information on greener practices upon finishing the game
  • 96% either have or are considering taking a course on energy saving business practices
  • 23% are actively seeking assistance from local sources for implementation of these newly learnt practices, while 70% plan to in the near future
  • 89% said they have, or would, recommend the ‘Green IT’ game to colleagues

As for the design and enjoyment of the game:

  • 71% of learners found the scenarios and tasks within the game were directly applicable to their own companies.
  • 59% agreed the value of insights from the game were good or excellent.
  • And 79% found it easy to use.

This is a brief look at the learning benefits achievable through using serious games but it is a brilliant outcome for this project and we are looking forward to sharing more great reports like this in the future!