Microlaunch, the simulation developed by Totem Learning and Mike Roe, has won the MRS and The ICG Independents Day award.

Totem worked with Mike Roe to digitise his paper based game on how to learn the best process for gathering marketing insights.

Over 2000 executives, researchers and students across 35 countries have been trained with Microlaunch since its launch 2 years ago. The success of this simulation demonstrates how traditional classroom and paper based training can be digitised and scaled to reach a global audience.

Designed by research consultant Mike Roe working with serious games specialists Totem Learning, this unique online simulation has been developed in association with the Market Research Society. Helen Oldfield, Sales & Marketing Director for the MRS, says “microlaunch online will be a great addition to the learning journey of the researcher”.

Trainee researchers, young marketers and students are the target audience. Simulation participants will learn how to apply qualitative & quantitative insights in the development and successful launch of a virtual new brand, keeping within a realistic budget. Guided by an in game avatar, they are tasked to achieve this goal via the design of a correct sequence of 6 research stages. On completion, model answers and bench-marked scores are delivered. The game may be played by individuals as part of distance learning or by small teams in a class environment.