How are food companies using 'gamification' in training programs? 

What is ‘gamification’?

Gamification is essentially the idea of applying the style of a ‘game’ with rules, points, systems and so on with another activity or agenda to further education, marketing plans, business engagement and more. This is something Totem Learning has been involved in from the off-set.  It’s an industry set to be worth billions so many companies are looking to work with companies that offer this kind of VR experience.

How are they using it?

The Grocer recently posted an article about how food companies like ‘Eat’ and ‘Itsu’ are installing computer-game style learning programs across their stores to train employees on how to interact with customers and learn necessary skills for the workplace. They are working with UK-based company, Attensi, who have developed “simulations to generate virtual workplace scenarios”. They analyse the data and give feedback on an individual’s performance which is helpful in determining what they need to improve on and what they’re already good at.  

How does Totem also use it?

Totem also develops games to help with learning which has proven to be a very interesting and popular field. We are committed to working with clients to create bespoke packages to help people understand the business as well as identifying gaps and strengths. Totem are currently in talks with ‘Mitchells & Butlers’ now about a potential venture so the future for gamification in the food industry is looking bright, but we work across a range of industries so the opportunity really is endless. 

What impact does it have?

I think it’s fair to say that for Totem, Attensi and other companies who are involved in creating games that can fit into a professional environment, teach skills, offer feedback and prove to be enjoyable it has a great impact. Our statistics alone have shown that when these kind of games are used in professional spaces as well as schools and other institutions, there has been an increase in positive results showing improvement and engagement.