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Totem Learning's Helen Routledge has released an excellent resource for business leaders and learning and development professionals this year. 'Why Games are Good for Business' covers the who, what, why, where and when of using serious games in their organisation. There are case studies from leading names such as L'Oreal, Shell, and Cancer Research UK. Interviews and examples of huge game-based-learning successes such as Minecraft Edu and Remission, are featured in the book. This handy guide is an informative, digestible read for those interested in the development process, what kind of commitment is involved and what outcomes they can hope to expect. If you are considering serious games for your company training then this book has everything you need to know.



By tapping into the same psychology that keeps gamers glued to Minecraft or World of Warcraft, innovative organizations are creating learning experiences that are genuinely engaging, endlessly flexible, and extremely cost effective. They’re called Serious Games. People learn more, learn better, and learn faster when they are emotionally engaged. Serious Games are how you leverage the power of play to create emotional engagement. Why Games Are Good For Business is an innovative and practical toolkit for those who want to learn more about Serious Games and how to apply them in their organizations. Featuring fascinating examples of how organizations as diverse as L’Oreal, Shell, and Cancer Research UK, are using Serious Games to lead a quiet revolution in learning and development, as well as surprising case studies on how games are making an impact in even the most remote and underprivileged corners of the world.
— Why Games Are Good For Business, by Helen Routledge

Totem Learning has brought out a new app entitled 'Encode', the app is a handy on the go guide to serious games and some of the subject matter included in the book. It's free to download and compliments the book or can be used on its own!

Both kindle and hardback versions of the book are available from Amazon or directly from Palgrave Macmillan, get your copy today!

Helen gives us a valuable resource to help potential clients understand serious games. Individuals considering serious games will do well to let this book be their guide, drawing upon her intuition and experience distilled into useful frameworks to understand benefits, process, and more. Filled with useful tips, tools, data, and examples, this book is a worthwhile addition to the canon.
— Clark Quinn, Executive Director, Quinnovation
Games, simulations, and role-playing have always played a vital role in learning and development. Today, the commercial success of video games has enabled corporate organizations to improve the cost effectiveness of their HR activities through the serious use of these technologies. The author of this book is one of the most experienced and respected experts in serious games.
— David Wortley, Entrepreneur and Gamification Specialist
Helen Routledge’s new book Why Games Are Good For Business is a compelling journey through the overall landscape of serious games, what they are, why they work and who is using them to achieve market advantage. As one of the rare experts who can genuinely claim to have shaped the serious games space, Helen explores the market opportunity in various sectors and conveys how role-playing can help you understand your competitors’ thinking and anticipate their next move.
— Eliane Alhadeff, Serious Games Market Editor
Finally a tome that answers all the questions, gives the reasons and is incredibly easy to read through. It’s not often one can say about a nonfiction text, “I couldn’t put it down.” Superbly organized. Very thorough. A very quick indoctrination for the newbie. Something for even the experienced pro.
— Sue Bohle, Executive Director, Serious Games Association
Helen’s book is the first I’ve read that manages to take the state of the art put it in the context of someone who might want to commission a serious game or who has an interest but isn’t already researching or making games. Helen’s background in psychology and extensive experience as a practitioner give her the ideal background for this book and I plan on buying a copy for anyone who commissions us to design them a serious game.
— David Farrell, University Lecturer in Games Design, Glasgow Caledonian University
Serious games are complicated and sophisticated software systems bridging specific business or education needs (e.g. training, communication, behavioural change) with the world of game-making. Consequently, designing a successful serious game is a necessarily complex and collaborative process in which all stakeholders must fully engage. In her new book Why Games Are Good For Business Helen Routledge shares her extensive knowledge and expertise as a leading serious game designer and provide the reader with a remarkably concrete and practical account of serious games, their potential benefits to businesses and the process of making them.
— Sandy Louchart, Serious Games Researcher and Lecturer, Digital Design Studio, Glasgow School of Art