Totem Learning: Challenging Your Ideas

It appears that innovation has been a problem for UK businesses in recent years. We have ideas, but no one is pushing for those ‘good’ ideas to be ‘great’. Nick Ismail wrote in 2017 that ‘only 28% said they are innovating successfully to drive growth and increase revenue’. This is a shocking statistic to many who believe the UK has some of the best small businesses to offer….you’re right, we do. But, having said that, we are suffering from a lack of initiative and drive. Shane Schutte writes that ‘over 1,1000 businesses launch everyday, of the top 25 businesses in the world, only 2 are of British origin’ which is again, quite surprising since we’ve always been a contender in business. Not long ago, Birmingham was labelled the ‘workshop of the world’ and we had inventions and innovators cropping up everywhere.

 But what does Totem Learning do that other companies shy away from? We deliver the honest (and often harsh) truth to businesses with ideas. Our consultations may seem like we’re nit-picking but after a recent consultation with a Midland’s based company, they were amazed with the result. What they had ended up with at the end of the consultation was an idea that went from having potential to one that was solid and excellent. Our consultants, Aaron and PJ, offer two angles. PJ provides creative ideas that mean out-of-the-box thinking which produces interesting ideas and Aaron is the challenger. He will critique all ideas and keep asking those all important questions: “why?”, “how?” and “what?” as well as many more. It seems like a simple concept but it’s something that is quite unique to Totem in many ways.

 Our consultation service is part of our USP. We want to distinguish ourselves from other companies who are too quick to say “yes, great idea”....when it’s actually average. The team really are experts and have a range of experience which means their advice is based on what has worked in the past and what is possible for the future. Of course, you have to go into these consultations with an open mind. Sometimes your idea will need a lot of thought and work and is actually at the beginning stage rather than the end. This can be frustrating but Totem’s energy and enthusiasm to find solutions and encourage innovation in the UK make it worthwhile. If you are in need of a consultation, we are more than happy to discuss any ideas and take it from ‘good’ to ‘great’.