Got an idea? We can make it.

Perhaps the biggest misconception about Totem Learning is the fact that we only create certain types of games with certain focuses. You could not be further from the truth!

Here at Totem Learning we challenge ourselves on a regular basis by creating games for a range of industries and all with different focuses. Of course we aim to be one of the key players in the Learning and Develop industry but that is not our only avenue. We are always keen to work with a range of clients and holding our unique consultations to come up with a game that fits the requirements of the clients, bears in mind the game mechanics and that is enjoyable and stimulating to play.

Whether it is a game focused on makeup, sports, history, English literature, languages, practical skills or whatever you have in mind you can be sure that Totem Learning will offer something for you! We don’t believe in setting restrictions and shying away from something that appears to be completely different to games that develop professional skills. That is the point of our bespoke games! We have our ready-made products available to buy but we are also keen to keep the creative juices flowing and come up with the next exciting app or game!

We have a strong team of artists, tech experts and business people who are there to advise you on the best moves for your concept and our meetings with clients in the past have proven to be insightful, fun and a learning experience in itself. We always end up learning about a new industry or organisation and in turn, they learn that we actually do a lot more than what they initially thought.

So, if you do have an idea for a game please do get in touch. We hold great consultations that are friendly but also honest, so if anything, we can tell you the potential of the idea and what could benefit you!