Flash to HTML5 Conversion with Totem Learning and Mitr Learning & Media

We’ve realised that a lot of content is powered by Adobe Flash and this is no longer going to allow newer programs to run. By 2020, it is predicted that roughly 84% of Flash content across the internet will not be viewable on desktop browsers unless they have the Flash plug-in which needs to be enabled in order for people to view the virtual content but that means jumping through a lot of hoops. E-Learning courses and learning games are going to be far more inaccessible if the conversion is not made which will potentially slow down the process for companies relying on such courses.

Totem Learning specialises in developing serious games and digital solutions whilst Mitr Learning & Media focus on innovative design and technology solutions that are respected worldwide by the likes of Google, Philips, HP and more.

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We can help you make that conversion from Flash to HTML5 and make the entire process hassle-free with affordable prices! Learn more about what serious games are (read about it here)  and the unique service at Totem Learning!

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