Games=Grades: What Happened When University Of Liverpool Used Totem Learning’s ‘Project Management’ Game

Serious Games are a growing market in the gaming world as well as the educational one. Aside from our corporate ventures, Totem Learning strive to work with as many educational institutions as possible all around the world. Recent information provided by Plan International indicated that roughly 23 countries are interested in the pilot of this game, Unlock: Project Management and the success of this game is highlighted in a case study conducted with the University of Liverpool.

In 2015, we collaborated with Dr Ronald Dyer in order to integrate and use the Unlock: Project Management game within a core module, ‘Uncertainty and Risk Management’ as part of the assessment method within their Msc in ‘Programming & Project Management’. The case study proved to show some fantastic results. Over the period from 2014/2015 - 2016/2017, there was an overall increase in the mean mark from 58.4 to 66.4 and the pass rate went from 89.3% to a phenomenal 100%. Dr Dyer stated that the results proved the game has “achieved its objective” and that it was “an example of good practice in Teaching and Learning”.

Unlock: Project Management is designed to encourage players to think like Project Managers using high pressure single-player scenario-based gaming whilst covering project management skills needed at Level 2 training. Deal with stakeholders, project scope, planning, issue management, risk management, reporting and balancing. The game is set on an island where you must provide low-cost sheltering for the affected population. Each of the six levels are scored and there is an opportunity for self-assessment at the end (click here to see game trailer).  


Playing the game with the assessment feedback allowed changes to be made to the style of teaching too. Dr Dyer noted that “ultimately this has led to co-constructed schema creation with students as to which theoretical gaps presented a challenge and the subsequent implementation of improved learning plans”. Totem Learning are all about finding new methods through gamification, immersive solutions and digital experiences to improve the way things are learnt as well as educate every generation on the benefits of gaming rather than focusing on the negative preconceptions. We asked whether, in terms of ROI, it paid off and Dr Dyer more than affirmed this “the total value of ownership based on acquisition of the game far exceeds its monetary cost”, and as a result more licenses were renewed!

Totem Learning also hold consultations and provide a bespoke service so that any organisation from any industry around the world can benefit from our expertise. We are dedicated to improving things, being as innovative as possible which is something the UK needs (read more) and in providing clients with brilliant games that do generate ROI. For more information contact us today and see how we can help you!